Thursday, May 5, 2011


There is a great advantage to being a senior missionary and living close to home….. after the MTC, you can go back home, do your laundry, and re-pack everything! We did just that! It also allowed us a little extra time with some of the family. That final Sunday at home, we attended Sacrament Meeting with Mike, Heidi, and their family, Primary sharing time/Sunday school with Rachel, Brady and family, and Relief Society/Priesthood with Scott, Julie and their family…….then a great dinner at the Petersons. It was a wonderful Sabbath day. On Monday we tried to clean the house, re-pack….weighing each bag carefully to not exceed 50 lbs. each, and tie up all of the loose ends. We said a teary goodbye to all and the Petersons drove us to the airport.
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