Thursday, September 15, 2011


(l-r) Saba, Variety of Fruits, Papaya, Seniorita Wrapped in Banana Leaves
(l-r) Roni and Deo, Yes, it was my birthday!, Deo Serving Turon to Pres. DeLaMare,
Rambutan (spiny reddish outside/white fruit inside)

Ampalaya, Saba, Turon, Latundan, Lacatan, Rambutan, and Atis are just some of the fruits and fruit dishes in the Philippines. For the Senior Missionaries' Zone Family Home Evening, we invited Roni Bertone and Deo Divinagracia (both good friends of Leni's who work at the PAO) to come and teach us about the fruits of the Philippines and what to do with them. This activity was actually thought up by our former Director, Leni Pilobello, before she passed away.....and just as she suspected, it was a favorite for everyone. Who knew there were so many different kinds of bananas...... certainly not me! Or that an avoacado is rarely used in a salad or sandwich and can be round and purple? We were shown a great variety of fruits, how to prepare them, recipes for their use, and given samples of everything to taste. It was an educational and entertaining evening for all.

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  1. In Indonesia they call Rambutan the 'hairy fruit.' I can not say I ever came to really like it. Do you have really small bananas and green as well as red watermelon in the Philippines?