Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Manila Stake President and VIP's at Jubilee Exhibit

                  E/S Bird with Stake Leaders, Guests, Volunteers...and some adorable children!!

The Manila Stake hosted the final Jubilee Exhibit, during the Philippines Jubilee Year, beginning March 26, 2012. It was nice to be able to drive just 45 minutes to attend this exhibit and, also, to travel through a part of Manila we had not experienced before. Eleven months ago this area would have frightened me to drive through it, but after living here for a while, I just felt right at home. The exhibit was held on the second floor of the Manila Institute of Religion Building. Once again, the Public Affairs Council was very well prepared. This exhibit is not something you can pull together last literally takes months of preparation! They had done their homework well and it was reflected in their opening ceremonies. Many VIP's attended, as well as, visited the exhibit during the week. President Andrada, his wife, and other stake leaders were wonderful hosts. The opening ceremonies consisted of M.C's, a Jubilee choir that performed several numbers, remarks by Pres. Andrada and one of his counselors, and the High Councilor over public affairs. A couple from Manila, not of our faith, was also honored for their contribution to strengthening families in the area. Following the opening ceremonies, the ribbon cutting was done by those VIP's attending. The VIP's were also given tokens of appreciation (picture of Christ, framed Proclamation on the Family, or Tabernacle Choir C.D.s) for taking time to attend the event. The Jubilee choir sang as the VIP's walked through the exhibit teaching the history of the Church in this great country. We later learned that hundreds attended on this opening day. We are so happy that we have been here to witness this historic event!

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