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Zone Conference---June 2012
Senior Missionaries front row l-r 1. Sister Bell (E. Bell took the photo) 2. Elder Bird 3. Sister Bird 4. Sister Fahrner 5. Sister Washburn 6. Elder Enderle 7. Sister Enderle 2nd Row l-r 1.Sister Candland 2. Elder Hardick 3. Sister Hardick 4. Pres. DeLamare 5. Sister DeLaMare 6. Sister Farnsworth 7. Elder Farnsworth 3rd Row l-r 1. Elder Candland 2. Elder Boehme 3. Sister Boehme 4. Sister Hull 5. Elder Hull 6. Sister Fleming 7. Elder Fleming 8. Sister Hadlock 9. Sister Whiting 10. Elder Whiting 11. Sister Fonbuena 12. Elder Fonbuena Back Row l-r 1. Elder Miller 2. Sister Miller 3. Elder Harris 4. Sister Harris 5. Elder Hadlock 6. Elder DuPaix 7. Sister DuPaix

 Senior Missionaries Living at Pioneer Highlands -- Sis. Goss, E/S Bird, E/S Bell, E/S Hardick, E. Goss in Tricycle
Senior Missionaries Pose with Jeepney During Zone Conference---April 2012

Sister Bird, the Jeepney Passenger
Zone Conference---New Years Eve 2011
Front row l-r 1. Sis. Riddle 2. E/S Enderle 3. E. Bird 4. E. Boehme 2nd row 1.E. Riddle 2. E/S Fleming 3. Sis. Christiansen 4a. E. Hull 4b. E. Christensen 5. E. Hardick 6. E. Bell 7. E. Sorensen 8. S. Boehme 9. Pres. & Sis. DeLaMare Back row 1. E/S Goss 2. S. Hull 3. Sis. Christensen 4. Sis. Hardick 5. Sis. Bell 6. Sis. Sorensen 7. E/S Beckstand
Front row l-r 1. S. Goss 2. S. Sorensen 3. E/S Howell 4. E/S Beckstrand 2nd row 1. E.Fleming 2. E/S Bird 3. E. Goss 4. E/S Bell 5. E. Sorensen 6. S. Christiansen 7. Sis. Fahrner 8. Sis. Fleming 9. E/S Hull 10. E/S Enderle

One of the  biggest surprises to us, as prospective senior missionaries, was to learn of the many different types of missions you could be called to.  There is quite a variety right here in the Quezon City Philippines Mission......possibly because the Manila Philippines Administration Building is located within this mission.  The types of assignments seniors (couples/single sisters) are serving in, here in our senior zone, are as follows: Executive Secretary to the Area Presidency, Public Affairs, Perpetual Education Fund, Country Director of Welfare, Humanitarian...Wheelchair Specialists, Area Medical Administrator, Family History, Employment Resource Center, Mission Office Couple, Mission Office Couple over Finances and Real Estate (finding apartments for seniors), Member and Leadership Support, Church Education (vacant right now), Missionary Training Center President, MTC Nurse/ Executive Secretary to MTC President, Missionary Recovery Center, Assistant to Area Legal, English as Second Language, Mental Health Specialist, and Temple
All of these mission calls have been from 18 - 23 months.  The ages of most of these missionaries range from late 50's to late 70's. There is also a variety of assignments you can be given within the senior zone. Some within our zone are as follows:  Zone Leaders (Randy and I were called to this a month after arriving here and are still serving in this capacity), Quarterly Excursion Leaders, Coordinator for Travel to Monthly American Women's Bazaar, New Missionary Orientation Couple, and Monthly Birthday Dinner Coordinators.
These missionaries have truly become our dear friends. They have come from all parts of the United States and Canada.  Many are on their 3rd, 4th, and even 5th mission...they are truly amazing and are an inspiration to us. There are so many reasons a mission is wonderful...but the other missionaries you meet and become friends with are just an added bonus!

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