Thursday, June 30, 2011


Inner Courtyard at U.S. Embassy

View of Embassy with Manila Bay in Background

View from Ambassador's Office Balcony

Ballroom at U.S. Embassy--War Crimes Trial Held Here

Gen. MacArthur and His Troops Raising the Flag

Bombed U.S. Embassy During W.W. II

U.S. Embassy in Philippines

Seal of the U.S. Embassy

We visited the U.S. Embassy this week for a tour just prior to the 4th of July. It is located right on the edge of the Manila Bay and is beautiful. This was our first visit to the bay and this area. One of our guides was a returned missionary from Utah and it was good to have him along. This experience was very touching as we learned of the shelling of the embassy during W.W. II. The original flagpole still stands in the front courtyard with holes in it from the arsenal that hit it. WE also visited sites where Gen. Douglas MacArthur stood and raised the flag once again following our victory over Japan. We also stood in a room where the war crimes trials were held. We saw pictures of "High Pockets" , a woman, at the risk of losing her life, gave the Americans valuable intelligence during W.W. II. We gave the Ambassordor's aid a gift packet of a picture of Christ, a picture of the Ambassador which was taken at the Memorial Cemetery during Memorial Day, a Mormon Tabernacle Choir C.D. and information about the Church in the Philippines. This was a nice experience.

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