Thursday, July 7, 2011


Lunch at the Manila Hotel

The Douglas MacArthur Suite at the Manila Hotel/The Original Residence of General MacArthur Prior to W.W. II
The Historic Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel was visited by us and three other senior missionary couples this week and a lovely time was spent there. We had a Filipino tour guide that took us to the Antiquities Room of the Hotel and then on to the MacArthur Suite which was the residence of General Douglas MacArthur prior to W.W. II. This hotel has hosted dignitaries (Presidents, musicians, and actors) from 1935 to present day. We saw pictures of most of them in the antiquities room. We also ate lunch at the hotel... we had an enjoyable clam chowder with a very unusual but tasty club sandwich. We then drove by the Vice President of the Philippines home and on to a place called Dam Good Stuff, Inc. ...yes, that is truly the name. It specializes in fresh water pearls, jewelry, and other attractive "stuff". They are the wholesaler for many countries around the world. Many pesos were spent there.

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