Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The Patrick Esmundo Family Demonstrating a Family Home Evening

Our Family Crest (39 is the Number in Our Family)

Elder and Sister Bird Holding Family Crest at Family Enrichment Training

A Collage of Pictures Taken at Family Enrichment Seminar
The Family Enrichment Training Seminar has been in the planning for over a year. Leni (Public Affairs Director of the Philippines) sits on the board of the Department of Social Welfare with emphasis on how to strengthen the Filipino family. She first approached BYU about producing a FHE book that would be non-denominational and could therefore, be used by ANY family in the any country/government. They did it, and sent many copies in Tagalog to the Philippines. Saturday, July 9, was the presentation on how to plan, organize, and carry out a family night. This was presented to the National Committee on the Filipino Family along with the heads of about 8 sub-committees and some volunteers. It was so successful......these people were amazed at what we do in our families one night a week. Leni taught them how to organize it, what you do.....everything....she brought in a family to demonstrate a FHE.....they were perfect.....Mom, Dad, four children....ages 14, 12, 6. and 3. The 14 year old conducted, the 3 year old wandered around getting into everything.....she wanted to play with the screen behind them, then wanted the mic that her brother and parents were using....and was so happy when treats were served! It was so endearing!!! The people in attendance absolutely loved this. After the demonstration, they asked the parents lots of different questions. A few weeks ago, Leni had assigned the Goss's (other missionary couple in PA) and us to make a family crest/shield from the pattern in the FHE book to be shown and explained at this was lots of fun. I also showed a family calendar (ours!) as another idea of something to do to keep a family close. The Goss's shared a FHE experience from years ago that used only little toys that their children already had. Later,the group was divided into small families and they made their own family crests and got to share with the group the meaning of each thing they had put on theirs. My heart was so touched as I watched all of this interested in making the Filipino family strong.....value based.....with strong spiritual bonds. One sister, (not LDS....none of them are), was so excited, because she is the rep from her barangay (like a county) and they are just waiting to be taught the concept of a "family night"! I had such a strong feeling that these people are being prepared for the second coming of the Savior.....they are good and want good things. It is the most wonderful thing to get to know these people. One woman came over to me at the end and said so sincerely with her hand on her heart,"My heart is so touched by this experience today....I can't wait to try it." That's their assignment.......each is to incorporate this into their own families for the next 10 weeks and then they will be meeting to discuss. Their goal is to learn how to do a FHE and then be able to teach it in their own barangays. We have heard back from a few that held their very first Family Night and were so amazed at how much their children loved it.......they can't wait for the next week. It is just so sweet to see this inspired program working and blessing the lives of many of our Father's children.


  1. The clapping hands just made my day! That is definitely our family crest!

  2. What an amazing story! You are definitely planting many seeds that will bear good fruit in the Philippines.