Friday, November 4, 2011


"Camp Believe" Youth Conference
(l-r) 1. Youth Leaders 2. Road tp Phillips Sanctuary 3. Lunch 4. Beautiful Flower 5. E/S Bird
(l-r) 1. Vegetation Along the Way 2. Cemetery with Tents on All Saints Day 3. Elder Bird at Youth Conference 4. Families Celebrate All Saints Day as They Enter Cemetery

Randy and I were invited to speak to the youth and young adults of the Tandang Sora Ward at their Youth Conference called "Camp Believe". We spoke on Tuesday, which was also a national holiday here in the Philippines. It was called "All Saints Day" or we would compare it in the United States to Memorial Day. The youth conference was held in the hills above Antipolo at a resort called "Phillips Sanctuary". This resort has all sorts of games, zip lines, suspension bridges, and water activities to keep the youth involved. Our message began the conference. I introduced Randy who took most of the time speaking about the 13th Article of Faith combined with Paul's counsel to Timothy to be an "example of the believer". The talks lasted for about an hour. The message was well received and then we enjoyed lunch with the youth. We ate a native Filipino meal of rice and a vegetable-meat soup poured over the top. The name of it can't be recalled, but is was good. You will notice a picture of what it looked like above. Following the meal, a drive back home was enjoyed as we witnessed the Filipinos paying respect to their kindred dead. They frequently come the night before and pitch tents near the grave sites of their dead. Meals are eaten, stories told, and then all go to sleep in the cemetery. The next day becomes quite the party atmosphere at the cemetery. Food and flower venders set up all around the cemetery to sell their goods to patrons in attendance. It's quite a site to behold. After driving by several such venues, we noticed that not only flowers were left behind to pay respect, but often food was left as well. We really enjoyed seeing this area that we probably would never have had opportunity to visit. We drove through areas that on a normal work day would have been a traffic nightmare. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed feeling the spirit of the youth that remind us of our youth back home.

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