Thursday, November 17, 2011


(l-r) 1. Pres.and Sister Mortimer (Cebu Temple President) w/ E/S Bird 2. Vic and Lagaya Abadesco & children w/Married Priests, 3. Abadesco's Sing Their Feelings 4. E/S Bird 5. Pres. Teh Presents FVA Award to Vic and Ligaya Abadesco
The Family Value Award is given yearly, by the church, to organizations and individuals, not of our faith, who have exemplified strengthening the family through their actions. One is given in Cebu and one in Manila. We traveled with the Goss' ( other senior missionary couple in Public Affairs) and Deo Divinagracia, who works in our office and is over the Family Value Awards. This is a very prestigious award. A couple was chosen in Cebu this year. Both the husband and wife have done amazing things over the past years to rescue children and women from human trafficking. In spite of many life threats and other scary things, they have been fearless in their efforts to rescue. When Deo phoned Ligaya to tell her of the award they had been chosen to receive, she didn't recognize the voice and hung up on him, thinking he was a trafficker and wondering how on earth he got her unlisted number! They were an inspiring couple. Below is an excerpt from a prominent Cebu newspaper that was published the next day.

"VIC AND LIGAYA Abadesco raised wonderful children steeped in such values as love of neighbor, honesty and a deep faith in the Almighty. Ligaya and Vic “take time to teach parents and leaders in the barangay the values of chastity, love, and care for family members, aspiring to do what is right rather than going after get-rich-quick schemes and in being vigilant citizens in the society who protect the sanctity of marriage and families.” In the actual granting of the awards, Vic happily surprised us by giving a response that was a song: “Walk With Faith in Your Heart.” Elder Brent H. Nielson (First Quorum of the Seventy) in his speech reminded us about the parable of the Good Samaritan and said the awardees were the good neighbor who did not walk by and ignore the other folks’ suffering.
We went home with an image (a picture) of Jesus and several pamphlets including one, 3 Simple Ways to Become a Happier Family."
This reporter then went on to explain all of the ways to become a happier was very nice!
Randy and I were seated at the table with the "married priests".....yes, that is what they call themselves. They were all Catholic Priests, who left the priesthood to marry and have families. Randy told them he was a "married priest" also, which brought a great round of laughter. Then one of the former Catholic priests said," But I was a Bishop!" to which my very quick witted husband replied, "I too have been a married Bishop......and I have never regretted it!!" Well, by the end of the evening we had all become great friends and exchanged emails and addresses!! What a great mission this is!

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