Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Elder Bell, Elder Holland, E/S Bird, Elder Callister
E/S Bird, Elder Holland, Elder Callister

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, we were privileged to listen to Elder Jeffery R. Holland (Apostle), Elder Tad R. Callister (Presidency of the Seventy), and President Michael J. Teh (First Quorum of Seventy and Area President), speak to us. Most of the time was left to Elder Holland. He taught us about the big picture of running this church. We sometimes feel like we are not that important, like a single dot on a page of dots, but when you step back and look at all the dots together they form a beautiful picture like the old dot matrix printer. He mentioned that most of us don't get to see the big picture---but the Quorum of the Twelve do...and it is an amazing experience. Sometimes small things can seem so insignificant, but later when you see the results of these seemingly insignificant events, it is so humbling to see how the Lord's hand is in all of the details of His church and of our lives, if we will allow him. We must trust him with our lives and don't get discouraged if things sometimes seem unimportant or mundane!! He also shared the story of Gideon from the Old Testament (Judges 7) to show how the Lord just needs the willing, dedicated followers to accomplish his work. Gideon told his little army to just "look on me and do likewise" and they would be successful. Elder Holland then told us to look to the prophets and we also would be successful. We need to follow their example. Our children should be able to "look on us" and follow our good examples. That was pretty much his was very inspiring. He was a very personable and friendly each of us got to shake hands with him and he chatted with Randy and me for a few minutes about the death of my father that had taken place the day before.

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