Sunday, November 20, 2011


Multistake Public Affairs Councils of the Philippines

Our trip to Cebu was two fold: 1. Attend the Family Values Award 2. Train the Multistake Public Affairs Councils. Everything else was extra. Elder Perez, of the 70, asked us to train him, also, since he is over the Cebu area and we would already be here. It is the Area Seventy that is the Priesthood Advisor to the Multistake PAC, whereas, a member of the Stake Presidency is the Priesthood Advisor to the Stake PAC. We spent two hours with him and loved his desire to learn more about his duties. He was so kind and gracious, plus he was scheduled to be our fireside speaker the next night to begin our Multistake Public Affairs Councils training. FYI.... There are eight multistakes in the Philippines. These multistakes are located in more metropolitan areas and each is over the Stake Public Affairs Councils of between 4-7 stakes.....they share many of the same government, community, business, religious, and media leaders.

It was so wonderful on Friday, as the various council members began arriving, to see the faces that went with the names of those with whom we had been communicating for so long. Each one is very talented and accomplished in their own lives and are very much leaders in their own communities. There are also another 80 plus stakes. We will start training those stakes next year. So much work to be done. The fireside went so well and many of the directors knew each other from previous training, and had a happy reunion catching up on news and friendships. One from Manila was the former mission president to Bacolod so all of the people from that island were so happy to see him again. They hung around and visited for some time after the fireside.

The training we gave the multistake councils was divided among the four of us from the area office and also some of the directors that traveled to be with us. I helped with the "working with the Media" classes, while Randy instructed them on "Working with Priesthood Leaders". The Goss's taught about working with Opinion Leaders (VIPs) and doing reports. The group taught each other a lot! It was really a great experience....and ended at 3:00pm and they were all off to the airport (except the Cebu people) to catch their flights home.

There are also another 80 plus stakes that DO NOT fall under the umbrella of a multistake. We will start training those Stake PACs next year. So much work to be done.

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