Thursday, November 17, 2011


(l-r) 1. Magellan's crossing (depicting the history of Cebu) 2. E/S Bird at Dome Housing Magellan's Sword 3. Inside View of Basilica de Santo Ninyo 4. The Basilica 5. Magellan's Sword is Housed Inside this Cross
Haidi Fajardo (PA director of Cebu Multistake) and her husband, took us on a tour of the historic sights around Cebu. Who knew that this was where Magellan stopped on his great voyage and was quite instrumental in bringing Christianity to the Philippines? Not me! This is also where he was killed.....he hoped to convert King Lapulapu to Christianity, like he had some of the neighboring tribal leaders, but it didn't happen! Instead the warriors met Magellan and his few men....a couple made it back to their ship, but most were killed. Places we stopped were: Magellans crossing, the Magellan Shrine, Basilica de Santo Ninyo (interpreted: The Church of Baby Jesus....oldest church in Cebu...1521), and a very old home built by a wealthy family in 1851 that is now a museum. We didn't stop at the beach, but several times we saw the beautiful ocean as we were driving around. What a fun historic place the city of Cebu is.

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