Sunday, November 20, 2011


(l-r) 1. E/S Outside Cebu Temple 2. Cebu Temple Housing 3. Cebu Temple at Night 4. E/S Bird, Elder Perez, E/S Goss 5. Cebu Temple at Night

Following our tour of the city of Cebu, we hurried back to our hotel, got a quick bite to eat, and took a taxi to the Cebu temple just in time to catch the 3:00 pm session. Wow, this temple was soooo beautiful! The temple complex included a stake center, the homes of the temple presidency, a large temple housing building for the temple missionaries as well as for those who come from distances to do temple work, and a church distribution center. And, of course, the whole place was landscaped to perfection. The Temple President is President Gerald Mortimer, he was one of my doctors when we lived in Idaho (Drs. Robinson, Kindred, and Mortimer)! It is a small world after all! We enjoyed just walking around and breathing the FRESH air.

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